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Cuphead: Brothers in Arms

Cuphead: Brothers in Arms

Cuphead: Brothers in Arms is an interesting run-and-gun game. Help the main character overcome the animatronics and not fall into the hands of the Puppet. React as quickly as possible to the appearance of dangerous characters and fight back.

How to play Cuphead: Brothers in Arms

The player’s task is to defeat three enemies in three lives. The number of attempts is indicated at the bottom of the screen. As soon as the last life is destroyed, the game stops.

The main character Caped meets his enemies. He has the ability to shoot and jump over obstacles. To use weapons, you should click on the letter Z. The X button allows you to jump to jump over animatronics.

Small robot dolls appear at the Marionette’s feet and move in the direction of Caped Crusader. As soon as they touch the protagonist, he loses one life. In addition to animatronics, danger lurks behind the curtain. Foxy’s sharp hook appears from time to time. Sometimes Marionette orders a pizza, which appears at the top and throws slices of pizza at the little Kaphead.

To avoid danger, you can move the main character by clicking on the arrow keys. You can also control the direction of shots by combining the Z and X buttons with the arrow keys. Fight with animatronics and win the battle.