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Catch The Funkie

Catch The Funkie

Catch The Funkie is an FNF-style game with lots of surprises and updates. Choose characters to play and play a musical composition. Now you don’t need to fight and compete in battles, just play the melodies accurately.

How to play Catch The Funkie

Among the characters, the player is offered not only Boyfriend and his girlfriend, but also other FNAF dolls. The list of characters includes Freddy Fuzzber, Sonic, Flippy, Huggy Wuggy, Cap’n Head, and even Mickey Mouse. Get ready to catch them all.

You can unlock characters sequentially. To do this, you need to collect a certain amount and pay for access.
To unlock the first character, use the points you have on your account. Each of the characters has its own composition. It is this song that the main character needs to play to defeat the opponent.

Follow the arrows that fall down. Move the bubble at the bottom of the screen to catch all the arrows. Click on the bubble, hold and swipe in the desired direction. If the arrows are collected, the player gets points on the score. At the top of the screen, you can keep track of the number of available bugs. The counter counts the missed arrows. The player must hold on to the time indicated on the timer and fill the entire scale.

It is important not to skip the arrows, because the player will not only fail to replenish the account, but also receive a negative value. With such losses, it will be difficult to earn enough points to unlock the next player.
Enjoy the music and interesting characters in the new game.