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Haunted School

Haunted School

Haunted School is a horror game for everyone who is ready to test their resilience and is ready for eerie locations and sudden screamers.

How to play Haunted School

The player’s task is to get out of an abandoned school, where you won’t meet a single creature in the corridor.

Almost none… Get ready to meet unusual and creepy students who will definitely rush at the main character.

Control your character and find a way out of the room. To do this, use the arrow buttons and move along the corridors, explore the rooms and use all possible tools.

On the way, you should collect all the necessary items for an exorcism session by a priest.

Click on the letter E to unlock doors, open drawers, and take all possible tools. Among the objects, the player will definitely need weapons, candles, and other items.

Click on the touchpad or mouse to shoot enemies that can appear anywhere. Collect all the items and use them as needed. To change the item in your hand, click on the numbers 1, 2, 3, and so on. A visual prompt will appear on the screen. To throw away an item, you can click on the button with the letter G.

A real puzzle awaits the player. Pay attention to even the slightest movement around you and try to survive surrounded by demonic forces. Think of a detailed plan, choose a strategy and look for a way out of the trap.