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Funkin’ Nights At Freddy’s

Funkin’ Nights At Freddy’s

Funkin’ Nights At Freddy’s is a musical battle game for those who are ready to show off their talent and face their fears. Challenge the game’s FNAF characters and win each round.

How to play Funkin’ Nights At Freddy’s game

The player has the option to choose the difficulty level at the beginning. In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the corresponding mark, choosing a simple, normal or difficult level of the game. Depending on this, the tempo of the melody and its complexity will vary.

Choose a song from the list for the battle and, accordingly, the enemy. Next to the name of the melody is a character with whom you will need to engage in confrontation. In this game, the player is waiting for a battle with creepy animatronic characters: Bonnie, Baloon Boy, Freddy Buzzbear, and sometimes they will act as a pair.

A scoreboard with arrows is placed above each player on the playing field. As soon as the melody begins to sound, arrows of different colors will begin to rise above one of the participants. The task of the battle is to hit the notes as accurately as possible, that is, click on the same arrows and in the same sequence. The fewer mistakes, the more chances to win and the maximum number of points.
To play, use the keys with the image of arrows or the buttons with the letters WASD. The pace of the game depends on the chosen difficulty level.

Follow the result of the battle on the scale at the bottom of the screen. The runner with the image of the corresponding hero moves to the opponent’s field. Once the runner reaches the end point, the game is won. Go to the next round and improve your score with each new tune.