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Five Nights at Kyle’s

Five Nights at Kyle’s

Five Nights at Kyle’s is a horror game from the FNAF horror series, which is sure to appeal to fans of the edgy genre. Extremely creepy situations, unexpected screamers, scary characters await the player.

How to play Five Nights at Kyle’s game

The player’s task is to last five nights as a security guard at Kyle’s restaurant. A green creature that looks like a cat tries to get to the guard’s office and destroy it.

While in the office, the player has the opportunity to use surveillance cameras. Click on the box below and open the video surveillance system. Watch camera by camera and watch Kyle move. As soon as the creepy creature gets as close as possible, close the door.
The office has two doors. There are two buttons near them: red and white. To close the door, click on the red key. Once the door is closed, the red color will change to green.

The white button allows you to turn on the light at the entrance. When the door is closed, the player, by clicking on the white button, has the opportunity to illuminate the corridor and see if there is anyone at the entrance. Once the scarecrow reaches the office, get ready for screams and terrifying sounds.

Closed doors, switched on lights, watching video cameras increase the consumption of electricity. Once the battery is depleted, the game is lost. After all, without electricity, the player will not be able to defend himself and watch the movement of creepy creatures. Don’t give up Kyle and last all five nights.