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Five Nights at Spongebob’s

Five Nights at Spongebob’s

Five Nights at Spongebob’s is an extraordinary game for fans of the horror genre. Players are waiting for an original combination of the story of the Five Nights at Freddy’s saga and the fun character of SpongeBob.

The game takes place in a new location – in the Krusty Krabs diner.

How to play Five Nights at Spongebob’s game

The player acts as a security guard in the haunt and must watch over SpongeBob and his company. The characters are under the negative influence of evil spirits. The participant’s task is to survive five nights in a row and not become a victim of crazy characters. For protection, you should stay in the office and use all available means of protection.

Each subsequent night becomes more difficult. It is necessary to endure until 6 in the morning. The security guard will hand over the shift, and the animatronics will turn into simple dolls. Among the animatronics are familiar characters from famous animation – Krusty Krab, Patrick Starfish, Squidward, Plankton.

So that the enemies do not sneak into the security office, watch their pressing and close the door in time. Opens cameras and browse one by one. As soon as the attackers approach the office, close the door on the right side. To do this, choose a direction and click on the red button. As soon as the entrances are closed, the color of the light will change to green.

Use additional levels of protection. The light of the flashlight turns the animatronics back, the fans will also become a real obstacle to the implementation of their creepy plan to destroy the main character.

Do not abuse the use of video surveillance cameras, as well as the option of closing and opening doors. Such activity reduces the battery charge. The level of consumption can be tracked on the scale in the corner of the screen. If the generator runs out of power, the cameras and doors will be disabled and the player will not be able to defend against the next attack of the creepy creatures.