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Freddy’s Bomb

Freddy’s Bomb

Freddy’s Bomb is a funny game with scary animatronic dolls. Plant bombs and complete game levels. Beware of creepy creatures that can destroy a character just by touching them.

How to play Freddy’s Bomb game

At the beginning of the game, the player has the opportunity to choose a character to play. Create a special bow, choose the features of the appearance and start hunting through the labyrinths of rooms.
At each level, the player finds himself in a new location and has a separate task. Explore the map of the room and find the exit to the next level.

Control the hero by clicking on the arrows. Move through mazes and become bombs where you need to open a path. The explosion spreads to the nearest three squares. Take this into account so you don’t fall under a devastating explosion and turn into dust. After each explosion, the player receives coins that can be used to purchase new accessories and change clothes.

Animatronics also roam the labyrinths. They can also set off explosives. It is important not to touch or meet with creepy creatures, because they instantly kill the character.

The number of player lives can be tracked on the screen. You can replenish your health by collecting the corresponding artifacts on the playing field. Collect elements in the form of shoes. Such items will allow you to speed up movement around the location. Some items are available only in the corresponding locations. For example, in the dining room you can use mines, in the toilet you can use a knife or machete to destroy an animatronic or one of the obstacles. Shockers are available in the kitchen, and flamethrowers are available in the office.

Beat the game, earn coins and points to win at each location.