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Playtime Night Scary

Playtime Night Scary

Look for ghosts in Playtime Night Scary. Immerse yourself in the darkness of eerie rooms and wait for phantoms to appear. The sparkling eyes of scary creatures will definitely make you nervous and fight fear.

How to play Playtime Night Scary

The player finds himself in a dark room. Ghosts and phantoms are coming at him from everywhere. The player’s task is to destroy all the creatures until the fear score goes off the scale. The scale is located at the top of the screen, and the closer the enemies get, the more the scale is filled.

You can destroy demons and ghosts by clicking on their faces. To see the creatures in the room, click on the screen, hold down the mouse, and move it around.

The flashlight will illuminate the direction of movement. The phantoms’ faces stand out because their eyes glow brightly in different colors. Do not let them get close to you. Destroy all the demons as quickly as possible

After each round played, the player receives a certain number of points. Destroy all the ghosts to advance to the next level.

Go to the results section, where you can see the results of each level. Complete levels and set records on each of them.

Train your mindfulness and reaction speed, overcome your fear and enjoy an interesting game.