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FNaF in Psych Engine

FNaF in Psych Engine

FNaF in Psych Engine is a horror game for all fans of the popular story with mechanical dolls. Go to a pizzeria and get a job as a security guard.

FNaF in Psych Engine

The player’s task is to survive the night shift train in one piece. Watch the movement of the animatronics, choose the available safety equipment and get ready for the next shift.

The player is in the security room of the institution. He has a surveillance system and access to close and open the doors to the office.

Open the cameras and observe the location and movement of evil animatronics. Scary creatures are trying to get to the office to destroy the guard. View the cameras by clicking on the numbers. Animatronics move around the locations at different speeds.

It is important to prevent the creatures from entering the office. As soon as the animatronic approaches the entrance, click on the red button to close the door.

The use of surveillance cameras, closed doors, and lights on increase the level of electricity consumption. The charge is rapidly decreasing and once it reaches the minimum level, the player will not be able to continue to defend.

If the defense fails, animatronics appear in the room and attack the protagonist. Get ready for screamers and sudden jumps and screams of scary dolls.