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Five Nights at Golden Freddy’s

Five Nights at Golden Freddy’s

The list of games about creepy animatronics has arrived. Five Nights at Golden Freddy’s is a horror game based on the cargo game FNAF. Participants can try their hand and test their fear level in a new entertainment.

How to play Five Nights at Golden Freddy’s game

The player plays the role of a security guard and once again finds himself in the office of an abandoned pizzeria, where scary and dangerous animatronics roam at night. Get to know the character Golden Freddy more closely.

The main robot character resembles the animatronic Fredbear. The special feature of the doll is its empty eyes, which sparkle with white pupils. It is in him that the spirit of the crying boy is hidden.

There are still cameras in the security guard’s office. Use the video surveillance system to prevent or prevent animatronics from entering the premises.

Use the minimum time to view the cameras. After all, the energy charge disappears as quickly as possible. As protection, the guard can use a protective mask, which will distract the attention of the creepy animatronics and allow you to avoid the massacre. There is a scale on the screen that indicates the level of electricity charge and the available time for using the mask. It should also be used only in case of urgent need.

Sound accompaniment and darkness in the rooms emphasize the atmosphere of horror and increase the level of adrenaline. Be careful, because an attack can happen at any minute. Creepy and unexpected screamers can scare you to death. Do not ignore warnings about age and health restrictions.