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Playtime Horror Monster Ground

Playtime Horror Monster Ground

Playtime Horror Monster Ground is a horror game for fans of the FNAF saga. Open the location, get new characters and destroy all the creatures on the territory.

How to play Playtime Horror Monster Ground game

A feature of the game was the opportunity for the participant to play poker with the favorite animatronic Freddy Fazbear. Look for victims, explore the location and fend off attackers. A dynamic and scary game will definitely cause another rush of adrenaline.


The game takes place in different locations: rooms of houses, shops, pizzerias. Move around the territory and destroy the visitors. They can hide behind furniture, various interior elements and even dewdrops.

Use hints to search. Dynamic red arrows indicate the direction of movement and the place where the target is hiding.


In the first round of the game, Freddy destroys characters with his creepy appearance and screamers. In the following levels, it is possible to get weapons of different power for an additional fee. Machine guns and other types of weapons allow you to quickly destroy furniture and other objects in locations where creatures are hiding.

For each destroyed creature, the animatronic receives coins. And at the end of the round, a body part and other elements for improving the robotic doll become available as a reward.

Control your character using the arrow keys to move in the desired direction.

The game is quite intense thanks to bright graphics and creepy sound effects. At the end of the completed level, the player rises in the overall ranking of participants. Track your score and take leadership positions after each new level.